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Stupid posts like this are really starting to piss me off. these things have absolutely nothing at all to do with your self worth or beauty.
Skinny: you want to be skinny? what exactly is “skinny”? why not instead of sitting around and crying about wanting to be “skinny” that you get up off your butt looking at these depressing posts all day and go on a walk, jog, or run? i promise you’ll feel better doing that than you would making yourself feel bad because you don’t look like societies version of beautiful. you dont need to be skinny to be happy.
Thigh Gap: sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone can have a thigh gap. its all based on the width of your hips not the amount you weigh. ive always had a slight thigh gap, even when i was overweight, yet there are 90 pound girls who dont have one and are spazzing out. how about instead of worrying about seeing light peek through your thighs you work on strengthening your legs and toning them up. you dont need a thigh gap to be happy.
Collar Bones: some people have natural large collar bones that stick out. so what? they are bones. just like everyone else. the statement “i want collar bones” is absurd because EVERYONE HAS COLLAR BONES OKAY? you just cant see them. so what? you’re not missing any body parts so why stress? you dont need to see your colloar bones to be happy
Ribs: okay this is the one that bothers me the most. when you want to see your ribs you know it isn’t healthy. they call it emaciated for a reason, and that reason is malnourishment! you dont need to see your ribs to be happy. people love you right now, with or without your ribs protruding.
Flat Stomach: let me clear this up for everyone right here, right now. no one and i do mean NO ONE has a completely, perfectly flat stomach. camera angles and body contortions might make it look so but its not. model’s get dubbed over in their pictures, photo shop, and so many other things can make these women seem “perfect” but what is perfection? it doesnt exist. but you do! so stop trying to change yourself for others! you dont need a “flat stomach” to be happy
if you are going through depression, an eating disorder, cut, or anything else message me. i will be there for you, and i want to help! remember your self worth has completely 100% nothing to do with how you look! and seriously message me anytime about anything. i will listen. you are beautiful, never EVER forget that!